Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hattie and I went picking blackberries and made blackberry pie.. my most favorite!

I never said I can make them pretty..... but it sure tasted delicious!

We have been super busy, but are finally moved into our new house! We just need to finish unpacking and get settled!

Zoe and Zeb started school last week and are loving it!


Brook said...

yeah! yeah! yeah! Keep it coming!! You picked blackberries and then made a pie? How Martha stewart is that?? You totally rock the domestic scene! Your kids are so cute! I hope school is going well for them! Hugs and kisses for all of you!!

Briley said...

You guys look fab for school.
Zoe loved your gray and black outfit... you are right they looked great along with your cool shoes. zeb you look awesome- neat shirt and backpack, I love the circle of houses I want to come see. Hattie picking berries how fun with MOM I want to eat the pie. even your pictures looked good enough to eat.
Love you guys so much, grandma

Briley said...

Yeah! The kids look soo cute! Im with brook, who are you?? I am going to just start calling you martha! A blackberry pie! Oh my! I wouldn't even know how to begin! You always are amazing me! Miss ya Bri

BrittSkinner said...

Hey Guys
SO glad to see what is going on up there! Your neighborhood looks cute. Are u guys going down for Wyatt's wedding? I think we are. Happy Late Birthday!
Love ya Britt

Melissa said...

HOORAY!!! YOU MADE A POST!!!I cant believe you picked those blueberries off and then made a pie HOLY CRAP!!
I am just sitting on my butt looking around think i am such a lazy BUTT!
I have got to get my motivative!
We miss you guys something terrible! Give your kids hugs!Happy belated B-DAY !

LISA said...

Holy cow your kids are sure cute and all grown up. This is Lisa. Long time no talk, you have always been super talented, as if you didnt know that. Remember this Oh I am a naughty girl. We had a lot of fun being stupid, good thing we grew out of that.

Shelby said...

Berry pie is my FAVORITE! Save a piece for me.

Allison said...

Natalie! I found you! I had to create an acount with google to make a comment but it is all worth it just to say HI and tell you how how much I miss you and your fam. I told Erika about your sparrow sight she loved it as do I. It is like I am just visiting at your house like we use to in Santa Rita. Call me when you get a chance I have quetions... New House?Are you coming for your bro's wedding? and how can I get my hands on some of that white china you are selling? Take care-allison