Friday, September 26, 2008

new addition to the family!

Wednesday morning Zoe and Zeb are off to school, so Hattie and I head out to my friend Joe's. We get out of the car and Joe comes over with "something" for Hattie. A mouse he caught in the barn! You would THINK that Hattie would not get near it! Oh No! She is the one that cries if you kill a spider, or screams at you if you squish any kind of bug because they are her friends. "Mommy, can I keep it??! PLEASE! Joe says he caught it just for her! She immediately wraps "tickles" (her blankie) around the jar to keep him warm, and talks to the thing non stop. Hattie named him, Spot.
Thanks Joe! Appreciate it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hattie and I went picking blackberries and made blackberry pie.. my most favorite!

I never said I can make them pretty..... but it sure tasted delicious!

We have been super busy, but are finally moved into our new house! We just need to finish unpacking and get settled!

Zoe and Zeb started school last week and are loving it!